Panamanian photographer and artist. 
Has university studies in architecture and design. Her artistic work is fundamentally digital photography but she also has drawings, paintings and video pieces among her works.
Her personal work usually has a documentary and intimate feel but she sometimes ventures into experimentation with the abstract, form and color. 
She has participated in various festivals and group exhibitions in her country.
Panama, 1988
When I was a child, I really liked going through the family album seeing the photos my dad took of my mom and of several places. I liked to imagine what pushed my dad to take those pictures, also enjoyed seeing how things looked so different from the years that were running. I dearly believe that that’s how I started loving photography. 
So I started shooting when I was around 14yo. My first experience was with a Kodak 110 that I left behind when they stopped selling that film around here, and around two years later I was given my first digital camera.
It was always about exploring the things around me and documenting things for myself as a way to treasure memories, people and places. Today is still a mix of documentation and appreciation of life but I’m always playing with new perspectives while understanding the core of my motivations and desires beyond my background. 
Shooting is usually a solitary exercise of introspection and sometimes an act of irreverence. I have work that you might call commercial but is the less; my personal search is full of nature, abandonment, nudity and death. Those are the things that, at the end of the day, move me.
There are lots of things that I want to share with others through my personal photography and with the rest of my work so it's awesome that you made it this far, kudos! 
I don’t know where life will take me, but I know I’ll always have a camera with me.